SEND Information


The Medina Local Offer is linked to the Portsmouth City Council Local Offer which will give you a wider picture of support available in Portsmouth, please click here to view the PCC Local Offer website.........

Our School Offer



          Special Educational Needs and Disabilities –                
                 Does my child have additional needs?                            



                                                                                  Key Principles 



                              Provision in school
     How can the school help to meet my child needs? 



                                                                    Outside agencies – Who else can help?



                         Parent Partnership           
 How can I work with school to support my child?


                                                      Pupil Voice - Will my child’s views be heard?                                                                                                                                                                                               



             Who will help my child in school?                                                                                                    



We urge parents/carers with any concerns regarding the SEN policy or the provision made for their child at Medina to speak to us as soon as possible. In the first instance, please speak to the class teacher. If parents/carers feel their child’s needs are still not being met they should make an appointment to see the Inclusion Manager or Headteacher. If concerns are still unresolved parents may wish to use the Portsmouth Information Advice Support Service for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities or engage with the school complaints procedures.