This booklet is intended to give you an idea of the philosophy and practice of Medina Primary School.

At Medina, we believe that parents should be fully involved in their children’s education. We seek to promote an active home/school partnership and to ensure that you are kept fully informed about school life at Medina. We hope that you will choose to play an active role during your child’s time here and that through this partnership your child will reach his/her potential.

We believe in providing a broadly based education where learning is the key to success. We wish to prepare the children for life in an increasingly changing and complex world. Therefore, whilst acknowledging that a great deal of learning will revolve around traditional subjects, we also have an ethos which encourages good behaviour, independence and a concern for others.

We hope that you will find this booklet helpful and that together, we can make your child’s time with us fruitful and rewarding.

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