Learn Together, Grow Together

Curriculum Principles

‘Pupils will receive a curriculum that promotes curiosity, creativity, independence and the love of learning that they will carry forward into secondary school and beyond. The curriculum provides pupils with memorable experiences and ensures they are equipped to be active citizens of the future.’

Curriculum Intent

We are designing our curriculum so that:

  • All pupils develop knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Vocabulary is central to all learning, because we know that, when young people are articulate, they are more likely to be successful in their learning and in their future lives
  • All pupils recall and remember key subject content and, when we revisit learning, we build on what pupils know and can already do.

  • We make links where appropriate and teach our curriculum through well-planned topics.

Our curriculum is underpinned by these principles:

  • We value all subjects and pupils’ good achievement in them.
    • We value our subject leaders’ expertise and know they play an important role in designing and evaluating the quality of our curriculum.
    • We think carefully about the subject specific skills and knowledge we want pupils to know and remember. We know our pupils benefit from applying and practising Maths and English skills in other subjects.
    • We know that planned trips and residential visits are important to our pupils and plan them carefully so that pupils have safe learning experiences.
  • We give our pupils a broad range of cultural experiences and we use the curriculum to promote equality and diversity.
    • We promote emotional well-being because we recognise an increasing need to support pupils’ social, emotional and mental health needs.
    • We promote equalities and diversity – we want pupils to understand and respect the things that people have in common and the things that make them different.
  • We know that having high aspirations from an early age leads to successful adults.
  • We promote good health because we know that young people are increasingly less active.

We value our staff’s expertise, enthusiasm and their interests beyond school. We want them to enjoy working at Medina and to inspire our pupils to become people who get things done that are of benefit to themselves and others.