Breakfast Club - Art Block

Letter sent 19th December 2019

Letter sent 25th June 2019

Breakfast Club is open to all pupils – once they are attending school full time. Parents are reminded that children must not arrive before 8.00am and the last entry to Breakfast Club is at 8.30am.

To ensure that your child actually gets to the Art Block – any child from Key Stage 1 (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) must be signed into Breakfast Club by their accompanying adult.

We offer fruit juice, a choice of cereals and/or toast; the cost of which is heavily subsidised by the school and therefore is extremely reasonable. The cost is £1.25 per day.

To ensure the safety of our pupils, Breakfast Club is limited to a maximum of 40 places – which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Places must be booked, via the School Office, a minimum of one week in advance. If your child uses Breakfast Club on the same days each week this can be ‘block booked’ and your child’s space will be held, unless we hear otherwise.

Please note that places cannot be reserved without payment. Payment must be made to school office and not to Breakfast Club staff. If your child arrives at Breakfast Club with money they will be asked to pay it to the office. If you have to cancel your child’s place due to unforeseen circumstances (for example illness) please notify the school office as soon as you can to allow us to offer the place to a child on our waiting list. If we are not informed of cancellation you will, unfortunately, still be charged.

We do appreciate that, on occasion, you may need to book Breakfast Club at the last minute. If this is the case, please contact school office as soon as you are aware of the need.  If places are available we will be able to book your child a place, which must be paid before your child attends. Please note, however, that Breakfast Club is extremely popular and therefore the chances of a space are unlikely.

Regrettably, if your child arrives at Breakfast Club without a booked place, you may be asked to take your child home until the beginning of the school day. Due to Local Authority health and safety regulations we are unable to accommodate more than 40 children at Breakfast Club. Please, in order to avoid disappointment, ensure your child’s place is booked and paid for in advance.

It is an expectation that behaviour at Breakfast Club is as it should be for the rest of the school day. If a child’s behaviour is unacceptable, parents will be informed and if it continues to be poor then he/she will not be allowed to attend Breakfast Club for a period upto 5 days.

If you have any questions regarding the way Breakfast Club operates, please speak to office staff.