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Services provide support and advice for families with children 0-5 years old.  Support for families may include parenting advice, local childcare options, access to specialist services, Health, Job Centre Plus + training etc.
The aim of Sure Start Children Centres is to improve outcomes for all children. Children centres will focus on meeting the needs of the community in consultation with Parents, private / voluntary, and independent sectors.
Children centres in your area are : Portsdown/Drayton and Farlington CC, Paulsgrove CC and Northern Parade CC.

Parenting Support
Kids getting the better of you?  Being a parent is brilliant, but it can be tough. Would you like to:
• Have a happier relationship with your child?
• Feel in control of your family life?
• Get help in setting some ground rules?
• Get support from other parents and carers in the same situation?
Imagine getting some really great tips during the tough times or information to help you through the next stage.
Parenting Support offer parents three 2 hour sessions to help you get back in control of your child’s behaviour – no matter what you are going through.
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Contact Parenting Support on 023 9268 8836
or email for details of the next sessions

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