Parent Survey - Covid19 Outbreak

ear Parent/Carer

I would like to send my sincere thanks to those that completed the survey. I was amazed by the number of returns – nearly 50% of parents – astonishing! Indeed, in most surveys, a 15% return is more than acceptable to make the findings worthwhile.

The results are extremely pleasing and it is clear that Medina is doing a very good job supporting pupils and parents during these challenging times. A complete breakdown of the survey results are on our website – along with a few of your incredibly supportive comments and suggestions. However, as a snapshot, the findings are as follows:

Do you feel your child(ren) have enough opportunities for learning if they wish to engage?
About right – 97%                     Too much – 3%

How would you rate the quality of the learning?
Excellent – 54%                        Good – 41%

 How would you rate the level of communication between school and home?
Excellent – 80%                        Good – 16%

How well do you feel the school is supporting your child(ren)'s well-being?
Extremely Well – 65%               Well – 27%

How well do you feel the school is supporting your well-being?
Extremely Well – 55%               Well – 28%

Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of respondents stated that they could not think of anything we could improve upon – which is, of course, wonderful to hear. However, we want to and can always improve. A number of parents made similar ‘improvement suggestions’ and after discussing these with staff the majority of these can be implemented by directly emailing your child's class teacher who will respond either by email or will phone you.

Therefore, I again stress, please contact the Teacher, via their email address below, if you have any concerns about the home learning. I know all teachers are happy to, and indeed want to, receive your emails – they want to help your child understand the work they are setting. If, for any reason, you are unsuccessful in contacting the Teacher please contact me via the school email address and I will try and sort out the problem. For each class, please email as below:

Year 1          Miss Stewart
Year 2          Mrs Cudlip  
Year 3          Mrs Small    
Year 4          Mrs Reeder  
Year 5          Miss Bevington
Year 6          Miss Burford 

Thank you again – the spirit and morale of all staff rose tremendously when they read the survey results. There were so many lovely comments and I have never been as proud to be Headteacher of Medina as I am today. Not just because of the fantastic survey results, or the wonderful comments, but simply because it is clear that this school means so much to so many of us – parents, children and staff alike.

We are all missing you - every last one of you. I don't know when we will be back to normal but that moment can't come soon enough. Stay safe and be kind to someone!

Yours sincerely

H J Payne
Extremely Proud Headteacher

Please click here for survey results and a selection of comments/suggestions