Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

School Overview

Metric Data
School name Medina Primary School
Pupils in school 203
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils 30%
Pupil premium allocation this academic year £88,560
Academic year or years covered by statement 2020-2021
Publish date September 2020
Review date July 2021
Statement authorised by H Payne
Pupil premium lead R Hammerton
Governor lead S Chambers

Disadvantaged Pupil Progress Scores for 2019 (2020 data unavailable due to school closures)

Measure 2019 Score
Reading +4.2
Writing -3.3
Maths -0.1

Strategy Aims for Disadvantaged Pupils

Measure 2019 Score
Meeting expected standard at KS2 50%
Achieving high standard at KS2 0%
Measure Activity
Priority  Further develop curriculum leaders so that each subject supports pupils to make strong progress 
Priority 2 Develop curriculum in Reception so that pupils with low attainment catch up

Barriers to learning these

priorities address

Ensuring curriculum is coherently and progressively planned, sequenced and implemented
Projected spending  £24,560

Teaching Priorities for Current Academic Year

Aim Target Target date 
Progress in Reading Achieve positive progress score in KS2 reading July 21.
Progress in Writing Achieve national average progress score in KS2 writing July 21
Progress in Mathematics Achieve positive progress score in KS2 maths July 21
Phonics Achieve national average expected standard (or better) in phonics screening check July 21
Other Improve attendance of disadvantaged pupils to at least 96% July 21

Targeted Academic Support for Current Academic Year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Use group learning plans to identify next steps for key groups of pupils (including the ablest PP)
Priority 2 Continue to implement Better Reading Programme intervention with follow up to ensure the impact is sustained over time
Barriers to learning these priorities address Diminish the difference between disadvantaged and other pupils
Projected spending £24,000

Wider Strategies for Current Academic Year

Measure Activity
Priority 1 Breakfast Club & Pastoral Attendance TA
Priority 2 Purchase and implementation of SCARF (PSHE) curriculum and resources which promote positive behaviour, mental health and well being
Barriers to learning these priorities address Improving attendance and readiness to learn

Providing essential PSHE / well-being resources that facilitate progression in personal development – an identified need

Projected spending £40,000

Monitoring and Implementation

Area Challenge Mitigating action
Teaching Ensuring enough time is given for CPD within each subject without overwhelming teachers workload Carefully sequence and plan staff meetings/release time for leaders
Targeted support Making sure learning plans are precisely focused on next steps 

Allow staff meeting time to initially write and provide support where needed

Termly monitoring of pupils’ progress, adapting plans as appropriate

Wider strategies Ensuring target families attend breakfast club whilst ensuring covid-safety is maintained

Continually monitor attendance and regularly check Breakfast Club ‘covid’ rules are adhered to

Adapt provision as necessary so that pupils are motivated to attend. 

Review of Expenditure 2019-2020

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