For most children, learning needs will be met through high quality and differentiated teaching from the class teacher and a teaching assistant, within a well-organised and carefully planned learning environment. Termly reviews called Pupil Progress Meetings with teachers and members of the senior leadership team monitor children’s attainment and progress. This is a review of progress, a time to discuss assessment results and make plans. This ensures early identification of children’s additional needs. When a child is not achieving age expectation or there is an identified special educational need there will be a graduated response. 

Children may be identified as having SEND through a variety of ways including the following. We: 

  • Liaise with previous setting e.g. preschool/nursery
  • Support child performing below age expected levels 
  • Listen to concerns raised by parents
  • Discuss pupils through Pupil Progress Meetings 
  • Teachers raise concerns with Inclusion Manager/SENCo 
  • Inclusion Manager/SENColiaises with external agencies e.g. School health,  
  • Health diagnosis through paediatrician/doctor