Medina Primary works closely with medical professionals and families to meet the medical needs identified and being supported, through a Care Plan. The school has policies regarding the administration and managing of medicines and medical conditions in school. Parents need to contact the school’s Admin Team to discuss their child’s medical needs and if needed, complete a form: ‘Medication – Consent Form’. This may include medicines for life-threatening conditions or those required for a long term illness such as diabetes. Parents of children who have asthma and require the use of a medicated pump, need to ensure this is kept in the school office and replaced regularly. Children with ongoing medical conditions such as asthma or allergies have their medicine readily available when required. Staff are trained in the use of epi-pens and more specific training is requested when needed. The school will generally not take responsibility for other medicines such as cough medicines; however, we may be able to administer non-prescribed medicines such as Calpol following discussions with parents. We have an Intimate Care Policy in place to support children who need toileting or physical intervention such as OT/Physio.