As a school, we have a very positive approach to all types of behaviour with a clear reward system that is followed by all staff and pupils. If a child has behavioural difficulties an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP) or Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) may be written alongside the child and parents to identify the specific issues, put relevant support in place and set targets. Support from MABs maybe gained to support this process.

After any behaviour incident, we expect the child to reflect on their behaviour with an adult, following a Restorative Approach. This helps to identify why the incident happened and what the child needs to do differently next time to change and improve their behaviour.

Attendance of every child is monitored on a daily basis by the Admin department. Lateness and absence are recorded and reported upon to the Headteacher. Good attendance and punctuality is actively encouraged throughout the school and rewarded on a termly basis as is an improvement in attendance.

Behaviour policy is available in the Policies section.